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Monday, March 2, 2020

How to bring your pets from Philippines to USA

Waiting to check in

I recently brought my pets (dog and a cat) with me to the United States and here are the steps I did:

1. Get your pet's vaccines up to date before you even book your flight. Do this 30 days before your flight. 30 days is very important if this is the first time your pet got vaccinated. Some airlines also require boosters to be at least 30 days old.

2. Book your flight and make sure you reserve a slot for your pets. I used Korean Air and they are fantastic with handling pets. Delta doesn't allow pets in cabin for long haul flights.

3. Buy airline approved pet carrier. I got this at Pet Express. Medium size for my toy poodle weighing 12lbs. Make sure to place LIVE ANIMAL sticker on every corner of the carrier.

4. Get a vet health certificate from your local vet clinic. Make sure the vet mentions that the pet is negative for screw worm and other parasites and the vaccinations are updated. You should do this 3 days before your flight because it can't be used for more than 3 days. 

5. Take your pet's health certificate and vaccination records to Bureau of Animal Industry in Quezon city the day after you get your pet's health certificate from the vet. This is where they will issue an import permit. The import permit is free. No need to bring your pets with you.

Bureau of Animal Industry

6. Prepare your pets for the flight! Make sure to line your pet's carrier with a pee pad and include a blanket. Make your pet wear a diaper as well. 

We arrived 4 hours before boarding time in case something goes wrong and we need to go out and buy something else for the pets. When we got to the airport, Korean Air's counter was still closed. We checked in online and had to fall in line at the baggage drop counter. From there, they weighed all our baggages and checked my dog which will be in the cargo area. My cat went with us in the cabin.

Everything went smoothly and Korean air staff were all nice and friendly. 

My cat fits perfectly under the seat.

My dog is now a snow lover. She absolutely loved it. I thought coming from the tropics, the cold temperature will shock her, but it didn't.

My cat loves looking out the window and watching some birds and squirrels playing outside.

I highly recommend Korean Air when traveling with pets on a long haul flight.


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