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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

St. Luke's Medical Experience for US Visa - Day 2

Reception area

My appointment was at 9am but I decided to go in early. At around 7:30am, I arrived at St. Luke's. I showed my receipt to the lobby guard and he scanned my index finger. He pulled up my info on his computer and stamped the receipt with "for immunization".

I went to the immunization area located in second floor and gave my receipt to the person in the US counter. I was told to wait for my name to be called. There were at least a dozen people waiting to get their shots there already. I guess it's fine to go in earlier than what they told you.

Around 8:30am, my name was finally called to the immunization room. They briefly asked me for my health history and then proceeded to give me the 3 shots I needed. I was given varicella, mmr, and tdap. It was quick and easy, didn't really hurt much.

I went down to the ground floor for releasing and after about 30mins, I was asked to go to counter E. She made me double check my info and asked for my passport. After everything was sorted out, she handed me my immunization record (personal copy) and a cd containing my chest X-ray. Lastly, she handed me a sealed envelope and instructed me to bring it with me to my visa interview.

I was out of there by 9:45am. It was quick and easy.

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