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Friday, October 4, 2019

Renewed My Passport for 2019

We finally had our passports renewed yesterday and it didn't go as smooth as I expected it to be. I prepared all the necessary documents beforehand but M didn't bring her original birth certificate.

Her passport was just for renewal yet they asked for her birth certificate even though she has her old passport with her and her school id, and a copy of her birth certificate. They won't accept the copy without seeing the original with the PSA receipt attached to it.

Our appointment was at 7:30am but we arrived around 6:30am. There was a long line at the entrance already when we got to DFA Aseana. Since M needed the original bc, we went back home to pick it up.

Traffic was already heavy by the time we got back on the road around 8am so we took the NAIA expressway to skip the traffic in Edsa.

The whole process was fast since the number of applicants weren't that much during the time we got there. It only took us less than 30 mins.

The documents they asked me were:

2 copies of E-receipt
1 copy of application form
1 copy of my ID
My old passport

And of course you have to show them your actual ID.

I was expecting them to release the passport after 12 days but I was wrong, it is actually 16 business days plus 2 extra days for delivery.

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