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Friday, September 13, 2019

Get your Postal ID in Two Working Days via Rush Processing
Friday, September 13, 20191 Comments

Since we couldn't get a student license ID for M, we went to Makati post office to apply for postal ID. DFA now accepts postal ID for passport application and renewal in case you don't have any other valid ID.

Normally, it takes 15 working days to receive your postal ID. But with their new rush processing service, you can now get it in two days!

The requirements we submitted are just a copy of birth certificate and proof of address (barangay certificate or utility bill showing your name and address).

Since we applied on a Friday, the ID will be available on Monday afternoon instead. That's still better than 15 working days! I paid 650 pesos for rush processing. Regular processing is 504 pesos
which can take 15 working days to receive.
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Sunday, September 8, 2019

No Student Permit ID card Available in LTO Branches
Sunday, September 08, 20190 Comments
M needs to get a student permit ID card in order to renew her passport at DFA coz they asked for two IDs and she only has her school ID and her old passport. It sucks that they only issue a paper receipt and not the ID card itself.

We have inquired in almost every LTO branches in Metro Manila and they all said the same thing "wala pong available na ID card for student permit, nationwide po yan".
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Thursday, September 5, 2019

How to Reschedule Your DFA Passport Appointment  2019
Thursday, September 05, 2019 2 Comments
I couldn't make it in time for my passport appointment at DFA Aseana so I thought I should just reschedule it. I have already paid for it so I wondered if rescheduling an appointment is free.

This came up when I did a Google search:

Based on that tweet, rescheduling is not free when you have already paid the processing fee. But that tweet was from 2018.

I decided, the heck with it, I will just pay if I have to, coz what else can I do about it? Here's how to do it:

Just type your appointment reference number and click view. Then click "reschedule" and just enter the new dates and the DFA branch you'd like to go to.

Surprisingly, rescheduling your passport appointment is free! 

Just make sure that you click the "reschedule button" and not the "cancel" button. Cancelling your appointment will forfeit your previous passport payment and it will be treated as new application.

Also make sure to click the "Booking confirmation" that will be sent to your email right away. If you do not confirm within an hour, your appointment reschedule will not take effect and you will lose the previous appointment as well. You will have to apply again for another appointment and pay the processing fees again.

P.S. Make sure you reschedule it more than a week before your current appointment.

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