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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Wildlife in Need in Subic Accepts Pet Boarding
Saturday, May 25, 20190 Comments

Since we couldn't take our cat in the hotel room with us, we looked for a place where he can stay. The pet spa located in a mall nearby doesn't accept pet boarding anymore so we looked for another one and found WIN. 

Wildlife in Need is a rescue center and a vet clinic. Aside from treating wildlife, they cater to pets too and accepts boarding. For only 500 pesos/night ,our fur baby got an airconditioned room for himself,. The staff are friendly and accommodating. 

You can find them at:

WIN Animal Care Center
Building 8494
Naval Magazine
Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222

Contact them at:
(047) 252-8494

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US Military Presence in Subic Bay
Saturday, May 25, 20190 Comments
US Military Vehicles in Subic Airport
It is hard to miss the presence of US military when you are driving around SBMA. Their presence is calming and gives me a sense of security. With China's ever growing aggressive behavior in South China Sea, it is nice to have an ally who has your back.

US soldiers checking in
Thank you for your service and we hope that you enjoy your stay!

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