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Monday, March 25, 2019

Crazy Drivers in the Philippines

Philippines is not the ideal place to test your driving skills. If you are a foreigner and you want to explore by driving around some places here, take a look at those gifs I took during our roadtrip.

This was taken in Marcos highway on the way down from Baguio. We almost got rear-ended by a truck as we slowed down when this van came out of nowhere.

This truck came so fast and if we weren't driving slow, he could have hit us head-on as there was literally nowhere to go to avoid him.

Saw this accident in NLEX. It caused a massive traffic jam.

I hope the driver survived the crash.

This one was in Subic. Seriously, how can you have a nasty accident in SBMA roads? 

Don't even attempt to drive in Edsa! That road is filled with stuff you don't wanna mess with. From pesky motorcycles to people trying to sell stuff right in the middle of traffic, and worse, corrupt mmda officers who would flag you down for fake traffic violation to try to get some $$$ from you.

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