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Monday, June 6, 2016

Why Weddings Are No Fun

Photo by: Melbia

While June brides are getting excited for their upcoming wedding, are the wedding guests feeling the same thing? I, for one, aren't that thrilled with weddings. Bleh. It just gives me anxiety (blame it on my social anxiety disorder). Plus it is just a waste of money. You'll have to buy a gift, new outfit, and maybe a nice pair of shoes to go with it. And if the wedding is out of town, you'll have to shell out thousands of pesos for gas/airfare, accommodation, and other extra expenses that might come your way.

I'm a cheapskate so I'd say it's only worth it if its your sibling's wedding or someone extremely close to you. Heck I don't even want anything for my "future wedding". My dream wedding is just a trip to the city hall with the groom, sign the papers and voila!

If you are in love, you do not need expensive reception, gowns, etc. to prove the world that you two are going to spend the rest of your life forever.

Don't get me started with the "bridezillas" who demand too much from their bridesmaids! I understand it is your wedding and you want it perfect, but let's get real here..your bridesmaids are spending their hard earned money to buy a dress that you specifically "require" and a pair of pumps to go with it. The least you can do is be grateful for their participation. Do not ask them to cut their hair or dye it a different color, lose more weight etc.

Do you guys like to attend weddings? What do you like/hate about them? Pls share in the comments section!😄


  1. Depends on where the wedding venue is. If it's near me, I'd definitely go. I love free food!��

  2. I have never been to a fun wedding. Most people I know are just concerned with having a nice wedding. They don't care about entertaining guests. A few Sam's Club appetizers is about the limit.
    I don't know why people don't just go to the courthouse or elope. I'm guessing they want the nice pictures for the future. It costs a lot of money to feed people a nice dinner, hire a band, rent a place etc. As you can see, weddings are not my cup of tea. My wedding had lots of food, but I got lucky. People chipped in and actually made the food, cooked a pig, etc. It was pure luck. And it was fun. If anybody thinks sitting through a church wedding and then being served toothpick appetizers and beer is fun, then they must be easily amused.