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Monday, August 31, 2015

A Day at Paco Park

I got tired of going to the mall and doing the same thing, so how do I make my day in this congested city a bit different? Paco Park came to mind so I grabbed my camera and headed to the park. It was around 9am and I'm already anticipating the traffic to be super heavy. You know the bumper to bumper kind with many stops and starts (drove me crazy!).
Took me about 45 mins to get to Paco Park from Makati. It's only about 4km from where I live and should only be about 15 mins drive. When I got there, I had the park to myself (no busloads of tourists! yay!) at least for the next 30 minutes.

St. Pancratius Chapel
Before Paco Park became a recreational garden, it was once the Municipal cemetery of Manila. It was originally constructed as a cemetery in 1807 due to the cholera epidemic. It was built exclusively for the city's affluent and aristocratic Spaniards.

Rich with decades of history, Paco Park is now a place for weddings. Yes you heard it right. Weddings. From a cemetery to a recreational park to a hip place to get hitched. With its towering trees and thick adobe walls, you can temporarily forget that you are in the most congested city in the Philippines.


Can anyone tell me what this is called?
If you are into classical concerts, you should not miss Paco Park Presents. It is held every Friday at 6pm. It is a regular public service project of the Department of Tourism. Too bad I didn't go there on a Friday afternoon. I remember watching "Concert at the Park" on tv when I was a kid. 

For instructions on how to get there, click here.

Entrance fee is only Php 10. They are open Monday to Sunday (except Wednesday) from 8am to 5pm.

Main Attractions:
1. Gomburza tomb
2. Rizal tomb
3. St. Pancratius Chapel

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