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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kalibo,Aklan--Interesting Summer Destination
Thursday, April 04, 2013 3 Comments
Sunset in Kalibo

Summer is here! With beaches jam-packed during this summer season, you will probably feel the same as when you are in the city. Being a loner, I hate crowded beaches! Boracay has great beaches and all that but the crowd doesn't appeal to me. Ditch the bandwagon and jet-set on a place where only few people really explore--Kalibo. I know, I know...Kalibo is also frequented by tourists--but only to get to Boracay or attend the famous Ati-Atihan festival. Very few tourists really explore the place and it has lots to offer aside from the festival.
I stayed in Kalibo Hotel since its location is near the town center. The room is quite decent and very affordable for Php 1,400 ($35). They also have free wifi in the room. They don't have a restaurant inside the hotel but there's a Mcdonald's nearby and several local restaurants a few blocks away.

Upon arriving at the hotel, I proceeded to explore the area and looked for a restaurant. The locals recommended Ramboy's and I loved their pork liempo! The meat is tender and very tasty and the skin is crispy. I have never had anything like it here in Manila.
Lechon Liempo

After dinner, I headed down to Lambingan beach to check it out. Ok it's not what I expected and honestly I was so disappointed. The beach is dirty, the sand is gray, and the area is a bit scary. I would not recommend it to anyone.
Lambingan Beach

But the next morning, I rented a van to take me to Jawili Beach and I was not disappointed. It is very pretty and serene. The beach is deserted and very clean!
Jawili Beach
A short hike from the beach is Jawili falls. You can rent a nipa hut there for Php 150 ($3.75) so you have a place to put your stuff as you explore the area.
Jawili Falls
I really had a blast at Jawili Falls. There were no other tourist when I was there, so I basically had the falls to myself. You can hike further to explore the 6 other basins which is really cool. 

After swimming at the falls, we headed back to the hotel. Since it's already late in the afternoon, I decided to just head back out and look for a new place to have dinner. I ran into this restaurant called Latte Coffee Cafe. The ambiance is nice but the food isn't so great. They serve Asian and Western Cuisines. Their Penne Pasta is dull and the meat is not good. 
Latte Coffee Cafe's Penne Pasta

I also ordered Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich and the meat is tough. But hey I love the potato chips.
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
Their milk shake is okay, nothing special about it. All in all, Latte Coffe Cafe is a semi-decent restaurant and the price is very affordable.

Milk Shake
What I like most in Kalibo is the people--they are always polite and always ready to help tourists. Not just the people--even their dogs! :)
This dog served as my tour guide in Jawili Falls!
Kids smiling while catching crabs at a mangrove park
Kalibo has many other attractions but sadly I didn't have time for it all. My last stop is La Herminia. Kalibo is known for Pineapple Fabrics. Here you can buy souvenirs like bags made from pineapple or Abaca.

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