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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What to Do in Legazpi City

When in Legazpi city, you should:

1. Enjoy the view of Mount Mayon
We were dying to see Mount Mayon in its full glory but the weather sucks the whole time we were there (4 days!)

The only time we saw Mount Mayon

This is more like what we wanted:
source: www.wallpapersforyou.info
2. Visit Cagsaua Ruins (The ruins of a 17th century church destroyed by Mayon’s 1814 eruption.)

3. Eat Bicolano Food

I was so disappointed to find out that Legazpi is lacking of authentic Bicol Food restaurants. Most of the restaurants there are the typical Western fast food chains such as Shakey's, Mcdonald's etc. and the so-called local restaurants at the mall serve Bicol-western fusion cuisines that didn't really thrill me. After asking local residents, we ended up at Waway's (supposed to be famous for native dishes). We went there around 6pm and we were the only customer. It is more like an upgraded canteen and they have several dishes for you to choose from. They serve authentic Bicol cuisine but the quality isn't so great and they didn't even bother to reheat the food we ordered. Their food didn't look so appealing and after tasting it, it was bland and lacked seasoning and spices. This is not like the Bicolano Food I grew up with (my grandparents used to cook tastier Bicolano Food when I was a kid).

Inside Waway's restaurant
Squid in coconut milk (ginataang pusit)

Bicol Express
Steamed Prawns (sugpo)
If you are looking for good food, although not authentic Bicol cuisine (more like a fusion between other Phil dishes), head over to Jasmine restaurant in Oriental Hotel. That is where I had my Bagnet ala Bicol Express and it is to die for! :)

Bagnet ala Bicol Express

4. Head over to Donsol and swim with Whalesharks
I was dying to do this activity but it rained hard the whole time we were there! :(
For complete info on swimming with whalesharks, go to http://tourism.albay.gov.ph/whale_sharks.html

source:  http://animals.nationalgeographic.com
5. Visit Embarcadero Mall
Legazpi’s waterfront lifestyle hub, commercial and entertainment center


  1. I think I would have been glad of the rain.... The perfect excuse no to get into the water with those whale sharks:) They look like they could swallow you whole!!!

    1. Yeah they look a bit scary because of their enormous size. Their mouth is about 1.5 meter wide but the opening to their stomach is very small and impossible for even a baby to fit in :)

  2. I wanna visit Donsol and swim with the whale sharks! Can't wait for our trip to Bicol next year :)

    1. Let's hope it won't rain when u go see the whalesharks! Have fun :D