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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Exploring Lantau Island, Hongkong

It is so easy to navigate Hongkong even if you don't speak their local language. All you need is a map and you are ready to go. Their MTR (Mass Transit Railway) makes it easy to get around. You can literally explore most of Hongkong in just a day! I'm more of a culture and scenery junkie (sorry shopaholics! I don't have much stuff for you here lol). Lantau Island is the most interesting place for me in Hongkong!

View from the top of Big Buddha

This island is perfect for people who love mountains and cool scenery. It is more laidback than any other areas in Hongkong. HK Disneyland, Big Buddha, and Ngong Ping 360 (Cable car) are among the Hongkong attractions that are located here. If you are coming from Kowloon or Hongkong island, the easiest and cheapest way to get here is by MTR. Forget Disneyland, go to Big Buddha instead! To get to Big Buddha, you will have to get off on Tung Chung station and from there, you have the choice to either take the cable car(25 minutes from Tung Chung) or bus #23 (45 mins ride). We took the bus since the cable car isn't operating that day due to typhoon. It cost HK$18 (USD 2.40)/adult for bus fare to Ngong Ping.
Tung Chung Station
Ticket Line to Bus #23
Don't forget to enjoy the scenery while riding the bus! It was like riding a roller coaster but totally worth it!
Here's a video I took of the bus ride to Ngong Ping:

Before heading straight to where Big Buddha is, drop by Ngong Ping Village. It has a wide variety of shops and eateries.

Entrance to Ngong Ping Village

View of Big Buddha from a distance
You up for some hike?

Upon reaching the top, you are rewarded with awesome view of the mountain and bay area. You have the option to go inside the museum (inside the Buddha) for a fee or just explore the outer part of it. They will also offer you a lunch prepared by Buddhist monks for a reasonable price.

Almost there! :)


View of Po Lin Monastery
If you still have lots of strength left, head back down and go to Po Lin Monastery.

Entrance to Po Lin Monastery

If you decide that you had enough of Lantau sightseeing for the day, head back to the bus #23 station to take you back to Tung Chung Station. Be warned that the line gets too long and if it's day time, it can be miserable waiting for your turn to board the bus. It might take at least 30 mins before you get to board a bus. You should bring an umbrella to protect you from the strong sun. From my own experience, it was miserable coz I didn't apply any sunblock lotion and I don't have umbrella with me. Also make sure that you have exact money (HKD 18) to pay for the ticket as they want exact fare.
People waiting in line to board the bus

Day trip to Lantau island is totally worth it! Don't hesitate to go there if you can. :)


  1. Looks like you really had a great adventure! Awesome places! Great captures!

    1. Yeah it was really fun. Thank you for checking out my blog. :)

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous view! The Big Buddha is so cool, I'd love to visit it someday.
    i really like your blog. i am following you now, hopefully you will visit my blog and follow back? :)

    Jen xx

    1. Thanks Jen! I love your blog too. Followed you via Google friend connect :)