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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stranded in Corregidor for 4 Days!!

We left for a supposedly one night stay in Corregidor last August 26 and it turned out to be a 3 night stay due to bad weather caused by a typhoon. It wasn't even raining the day we left for the island. 

While we were waiting to board the ferry at the terminal, we noticed a few people asking for a refund (I never thought about it much). I have no idea that the typhoon will affect our trip since the weather wasn't that bad.

We took the usual guided tour around the island before we get to check in the hotel room (It’s our third time in Corregidor). 

It rained hard that night and all we did was take pictures and eat. There was no TV inside the room so we had to go to the lobby where there’s a TV set that you have to share with other hotel guests. 

The next day, we packed our stuff and had breakfast at La Playa when I overheard the staff talking about canceled ferry trip to Manila.

The staff was apologetic and nice. There's one guest who decided he and his son would take an outrigger boat to Bataan and catch a bus to Manila from there. 

He asked us if we want to join them and split the rent for the boat. Mark said no since Sun Cruises offered us free accommodation for one night and 20% off discount at La Playa restaurant. We had nothing much to do in Manila so I thought it would be nice to spend another night in Corregidor and enjoy the island some more.

We spent the day taking more pictures and walking around the island. There were only 5 other guests at the hotel that time plus us and most of them just stayed in their rooms. 

South Dock has an interesting is where I get to pick up bloodstones. We wanted to go to Malinta tunnel but it is locked at that time of the day

 Rain poured so hard while we were walking around the island so we headed back to Corregidor inn and spent the rest of the day hanging out at the lobby and hoping we get to leave next day

The following day turned out to be even worse--the waves were rougher and rain poured like crazy. 

It was even impossible to take an outrigger boat to Bataan and catch a bus. We were getting tired of the food at La Playa (How I wish they have McDonald’s at least!) so we went to Mc Arthur’s cafe and tried their food.

 Surprisingly, their fried chicken is great and the pancit is bearable. 
Jabbidah massacre victim's writings on the wall
Old hospital

On our third night, we watched TV at the lobby since we were running out of things to do. The cable was on and off and the sound of thunder is louder than the TV’s volume. The window opened due to strong wind and it kind of gave me this eerie feeling since it reminded me of a haunted house in a typical Filipino horror movie LOL. We finally called it a night and went back to our room. Finally the next day, the staff got good news for us! The ferry will be taking us back to Manila at 2:30pm. Hooray!! 

It would have been fun staying there for 4 days if it wasn't raining much or if we have an ATV to use to explore the island. I would personally like to bring a bike there next time and more snacks since their sari-sari store has limited goods. I suggest bringing mosquito repellant if you are going to stay there overnight and sunscreen too in case you want to walk around. If you are expecting gourmet food,  La Playa isn't the restaurant for you since their menu is very limited and they only serve simple dishes that will not excite the palate of clients with discriminating taste.

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