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Friday, October 18, 2019

NBI Hit 2019
Friday, October 18, 20190 Comments
NBI Berma Mall, Baclaran

Once again, I got a hit when I applied for NBI clearance and was told to come back after 10 working days. I hope in the future, they can come up with ways to check records faster.

10 working days is a long time. Would be nice if they offer an expedited service.
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Friday, October 4, 2019

Renewed My Passport for 2019
Friday, October 04, 20190 Comments
We finally had our passports renewed yesterday and it didn't go as smooth as I expected it to be. I prepared all the necessary documents beforehand but M didn't bring her original birth certificate.

Her passport was just for renewal yet they asked for her birth certificate even though she has her old passport with her and her school id, and a copy of her birth certificate. They won't accept the copy without seeing the original with the PSA receipt attached to it.

Our appointment was at 7:30am but we arrived around 6:30am. There was a long line at the entrance already when we got to DFA Aseana. Since M needed the original bc, we went back home to pick it up.

Traffic was already heavy by the time we got back on the road around 8am so we took the NAIA expressway to skip the traffic in Edsa.

The whole process was fast since the number of applicants weren't that much during the time we got there. It only took us less than 30 mins.

The documents they asked me were:

2 copies of E-receipt
1 copy of application form
1 copy of my ID
My old passport

And of course you have to show them your actual ID.

I was expecting them to release the passport after 12 days but I was wrong, it is actually 16 business days plus 2 extra days for delivery.
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Friday, September 13, 2019

Get your Postal ID in Two Working Days via Rush Processing
Friday, September 13, 20190 Comments

Since we couldn't get a student license ID for M, we went to Makati post office to apply for postal ID. DFA now accepts postal ID for passport application and renewal in case you don't have any other valid ID.

Normally, it takes 15 working days to receive your postal ID. But with their new rush processing service, you can now get it in two days!

The requirements we submitted are just a copy of birth certificate and proof of address (barangay certificate or utility bill showing your name and address).

Since we applied on a Friday, the ID will be available on Monday afternoon instead. That's still better than 15 working days! I paid 650 pesos for rush processing. Regular processing is 504 pesos
which can take 15 working days to receive.
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Sunday, September 8, 2019

No Student Permit ID card Available in LTO Branches
Sunday, September 08, 20190 Comments
M needs to get a student permit ID card in order to renew her passport at DFA coz they asked for two IDs and she only has her school ID and her old passport. It sucks that they only issue a paper receipt and not the ID card itself.

We have inquired in almost every LTO branches in Metro Manila and they all said the same thing "wala pong available na ID card for student permit, nationwide po yan".
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Thursday, September 5, 2019

How to Reschedule Your DFA Passport Appointment  2019
Thursday, September 05, 20190 Comments
I couldn't make it in time for my passport appointment at DFA Aseana so I thought I should just reschedule it. I have already paid for it so I wondered if rescheduling an appointment is free.

This came up when I did a Google search:

Based on that tweet, rescheduling is not free when you have already paid the processing fee. But that tweet was from 2018.

I decided, the heck with it, I will just pay if I have to, coz what else can I do about it? Here's how to do it:

Just type your appointment reference number and click view. Then click "reschedule" and just enter the new dates and the DFA branch you'd like to go to.

Surprisingly, rescheduling your passport appointment is free! 

Just make sure that you click the "reschedule button" and not the "cancel" button. Cancelling your appointment will forfeit your previous passport payment and it will be treated as new application.

Also make sure to click the "Booking confirmation" that will be sent to your email right away. If you do not confirm within an hour, your appointment reschedule will not take effect and you will lose the previous appointment as well. You will have to apply again for another appointment and pay the processing fees again.

P.S. Make sure you reschedule it more than a week before your current appointment.

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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Wildlife in Need in Subic Accepts Pet Boarding
Saturday, May 25, 20190 Comments

Since we couldn't take our cat in the hotel room with us, we looked for a place where he can stay. The pet spa located in a mall nearby doesn't accept pet boarding anymore so we looked for another one and found WIN. 

Wildlife in Need is a rescue center and a vet clinic. Aside from treating wildlife, they cater to pets too and accepts boarding. For only 500 pesos/night ,our fur baby got an airconditioned room for himself,. The staff are friendly and accommodating. 

You can find them at:

WIN Animal Care Center
Building 8494
Naval Magazine
Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222

Contact them at:
(047) 252-8494

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Texas Joe's House of Ribs, Subic Bay
Thursday, March 28, 20190 Comments

Our visit to Subic isn't complete without going to Texas Joe's House of Ribs for dinner. Food is great and the price is reasonable.

We ordered their Ultimate Nachos to start with. It was reaalllyyyy good. I like it better than TGI Friday's Nachos. It has Corn Tortilla Chips, Smoked Chicken, Pork or Beef, Onion, Nacho Sauce, Pico de Gallo Salsa, Sour Cream and Jalapeño Peppers.

Filet Mignon
Their Filet Mignon is a winner! 9 ounces of bacon-wrapped heart of Tenderloin. Very tender. It comes with their popular Roasted Garlic Green Beans and choice of 2 delicious sides.
Their steaks are USDA Choice or higher, hand cut and char-boiled.

Beef Brisket Platter

Beef brisket is my favorite! It melts in your mouth and has that rich hickory flavor!

Texas Joe's House of Ribs is located in Corner of Waterfront Rd. and McKinley St., Subic Bay Freeport Zone. 

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Monday, March 25, 2019

Crazy Drivers in the Philippines
Monday, March 25, 2019 2 Comments
Philippines is not the ideal place to test your driving skills. If you are a foreigner and you want to explore by driving around some places here, take a look at those gifs I took during our roadtrip.

This was taken in Marcos highway on the way down from Baguio. We almost got rear-ended by a truck as we slowed down when this van came out of nowhere.

This truck came so fast and if we weren't driving slow, he could have hit us head-on as there was literally nowhere to go to avoid him.

Saw this accident in NLEX. It caused a massive traffic jam.

I hope the driver survived the crash.

This one was in Subic. Seriously, how can you have a nasty accident in SBMA roads? 

Don't even attempt to drive in Edsa! That road is filled with stuff you don't wanna mess with. From pesky motorcycles to people trying to sell stuff right in the middle of traffic, and worse, corrupt mmda officers who would flag you down for fake traffic violation to try to get some $$$ from you.

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Makati Skyline at Dusk
Sunday, April 01, 2018 2 Comments
Makati Skyline
One of the perks of living in a high rise condo is the impeccable view from above. I will never get tired of this view from my balcony.
I must admit, I appreciate Makati skyline more at this time of day.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bohol Island—Awesome Sun, Sea, and Sand
Wednesday, August 02, 20170 Comments

Bohol is a tropical island paradise in the Southern part of Philippines.  From Manila, you can reach Bohol in just an hour by plane. It wasn’t a well-planned vacation on our part, but since we never got to swim with the whale sharks in Bicol (thanks to the typhoon!), we were itching to go diving somewhere and I thought of Bohol.

Dive Thru Resort, Panglao Island, Bohol
After a few hours of searching for resorts in, we stumbled into this charming resort called Dive Thru. It is located in Panglao Island, Bohol. Their loft room is big and only 4,300php/night with free breakfast, we thought it was a steal so we booked it for four nights. It is a refuge for beach bums like us—a private paradise with rustic appeal and a front yard with azure waters teeming with marine life.

You will never run out of things to do in Bohol; from snorkelling to island hopping, to scuba diving, to visiting chocolate hills, seeing the endangered Tarsiers etc.—you will wish you have stayed longer.  First thing I opted to do is island hopping! 

Boatman (he looks like a 14-yr old kid...and I have a feeling he is!)
For 3,000 pesos (US $73), you can hire a boat for yourself all day to take you to nearby islets for snorkeling/diving.  Prepare 500 pesos (US $12) for entrance fee to Balicasag island's Marine Sanctuary where a guide will accompany you when you go free diving/snorkeling.

Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary, Bohol,  Philippines
Balicasag Island is really awesome! It's as if the Gods are still in charge here--otherworldly fantasy where it's just you and nature and the wind is your air-conditioning. It is one of the most pristine dive sites in the world and is waiting to be explored.
Is this Nemo? :)

The underwater camera we purchased didn't work so I was forced to buy a plastic case for my phone and I used it to take underwater pics. Too bad I couldn't take it with me deeper. 

yellow coral
Balicasag Marine Sanctuary has one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world! I took a quick video so you will have an idea what I am talking about (but too bad coz the video didn't do it any justice).

Next stop is Virgin is about 15 mins away from Balicasag Island. 

Virgin Island, Bohol Philippines

Its pristine white sands, clear blue waters, and a relaxing island vibe sounds more like a cliche for beach bums who have had their fair share of awesome beaches, but this tiny island (more like a sandbar), took my breath away.

Tourists in Virgin Island
Even the scorching heat of the sun didn't prevent us from staying here longer than we were supposed to. The price we paid for staying longer is a massive sunburn all over, but I think it is worth it. :)

I don't think these people minded getting burnt too! :)
Oh Panglao, we shall return!!!

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