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And They Call It Puppy Love..

Monday, January 16, 2017

Valentine's day is just a few weeks away and as I was browsing Reddit, I saw this discussion about puppy love.  People shared quite a few stories about their puppy love experiences. Enjoy!

By: SongstressInDistress

Grade 6. The more you hate, the more you love.

We were vying for the top honors then. We were always in competition, both in academics and extra curricular activities. We used to verbally fight a lot. We both joined the same contests. We tried to one-up the other.

Then when we were on our last 2 months at school, ewan, I suddenly realized that I puppy-loved him pala? Tapos he used to sing "True" by Ryan Cabrera. :>

There was no progress though, because we both transferred schools the next school year.

After 3 years, there was this school competition. My school was the host, and we were up against his school. He was sitting on one of the benches with his friends when I passed by. My peripheral vision already saw him meters away but I couldn't believe it so I still went ahead and walked that way. To my surprise, he can still recognize me. He called me by my whole name (like, "oh, look who's here").

I can't remember what happened next.

Kidding. I just said "hi", asked him what he was doing there. He asked me what kept me busy that time. Then that's it.

By: NoOneGirl

I was 7 when I got my first love letter. He called me every night then after his confession to ask about my day and to tell me about his. My mum found the letter, asked me about it, then banned me from talking to him ever again.

Sorry, Bryan. Didn't mean to ghost you back then.

By: TheC0ncept

Grade 5, I was classmates with this boy called Josh. He made fun of me a lot, him and his friends. Then one day, I was about to eat lunch then inagaw niya baon ko. I was in no mood to take shit from him na, so I punched the sucker right in the face. I remember being called to the principal's office, him sitting there like a lost puppy with a bleeding lip, me being reprimanded...

Fast forward to Valentine's day, everyone was giving and receiving love letters. Wasn't expecting on getting any, but then I opened my bag and saw a red card. Thinking pinagti-tripan nanaman ako by some jerk in class, I threw the thing away without opening it.

So there I was, waiting in the school van, I heard a tap on the window. It was Josh. I opened the window and asked "Ano ba problema mo?" then he said "Ikaw", then threw something in. The card.

Ayun, love letter pala. Haha. Never heard from him since.

By: MissChurros

I think I was in third grade when I had a crush on one of my classmates. I remember being hospitalized for a week then going back to school, to find out the seating arrangement changed and I am now seating next to him haha! I also remember him giving me a nice boxed set of mechanical pencils and erasers (in green-my fave color!) and he called me on our landline to greet me merry christmas :))

I always thought it was one sided until we got to talk years later and he referred to me as his puppy love. Haha, it was cute.

By: AnonPrince

I'm grade 6 back then and I had a sort-of-puppy-feelings (or whatever you call it) on this certain girl na morena and medyo matangkad sakin ng onti.

The memories that I still have is that tumindi yung "feelings" na yun when we were seated next to each other (by table ang arrangement nung room namin) and simula nun naging close kami.

Alam mo yung feeling na ang bait bait niya tapos parang ate ang turing mo sa kanya? Yeah those were the days. Pag may problema ako, she's there. Kaya nung panahon na she had a relationship with a 4th year high school back then tapos pinagpalit lang siya sa babaeng nasa kabilang section lang pala namin, IDK but meron sa loob ko na parang nagalit ako. (Who does like to be dumped tho.)

But then good things come to an end (dammit.) She went to a different school after graduation while I stayed. Well until 2nd year HS ako, namimiss ko pa rin yung presence niya.

PS: Currently wala akong balita sa kanya, although we're Facebook friends. Oh well.

Puppy love, immature young love, or whatever you call it..if you have any kilig experience, pls share it in the comments section! :)


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