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Regional Filipino Food from My Childhood

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Growing up down South, I was exposed to several regional cuisines namely from Bicol, Quezon, and Batangas. I was born and raised in Quezon province but my dad was originally from Batangas and my mom's parents were from Bicol.
Food was great and I certainly miss them. Here are the not so common regional Filipino cuisines from my childhood:

1. Sinaing na dulong sa Gata

Dulong. Photo source: Flickr
It is basically stewed silverfish wrapped in banana leaves. The trick is to slowly stew it with "dried kamias", salt, pepper, and coconut cream. My dad used to cook it in a "Palayok" (clay pot) for a better taste. Yum!

2. Ginataang Santol

Photo source: gutomna.com
This dish is unforgettable! My grandma used to cook this all the time! Grated santol meat cooked in coconut cream and siling labuyo!

3. Adobo sa Dilaw

Photo source: kawalingpinoy.com

My dad's favorite! Batangas version of Adobo. Turmeric is used in this dish. It is also advisable to use palayok and cook it in firewood.

4. Pinangat na Gabi

Photo source: spoonfulrecipe.wordpress.com

Another specialty of my grandma! Just thinking of it makes me drool! She would wrap lechon and shrimp in gabi leaves, tie it up and then stew it in coconut cream. Yummmm!

5. Pancit Hab-hab

Pancit hab-hab/Lucban

This is a Quezon Province original dish. Pancit Lucban/hab-hab may look like Pancit Canton but it has a totally different taste. Pancit Lucban uses dried flour noodles. It is best served on a piece of banana leaf and sprinkled with vinegar as a condiment.

What regional food did you grow up with? Please share in the comments section!😀


  1. Yung ginataang santol fave ko! Yum!��

  2. You need to add another in the list...longganisang lucban!



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