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Matandang Manyakis atbp.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Growing up here in the Philippines, I've had my fair share of weird encounters with different kinds of "manyakis". Here are the list:

1. The tambays in your neighborhood.
Photo source: movie.lifestyle-luxury.com
These guys are usually out drinking or just chillin' at the neighborhood sari-sari store. They were the first to ogle and whistle at any female passing by. "Psssst...Miss Sexy ngiti ka naman jan!"
They are usually harmless and they just find humor in annoying every female that passes by.

2. Manyakis sa Jeep

Photo source: Pinterest
I'm sure every Pinoy has taken a jeepney ride a few times in their lives. When I was a kid, I used to take jeepney rides to and from school. I've seen manyakis guys staring at women's legs or cleavage all the time. When I moved to Manila, my first jeepney ride was pretty traumatic. I was 16 and this guy sitting across from me whipped out his "p***s" and started stroking it!
That was the last time I took a jeepney ride. Thank God there's Grab taxi now and hailing a cab is not so difficult anymore.

3. Manyakis sa Sinehan

Photo source: pruhealth.co.uk

I used to watch movies alone. One time there was this guy who sat beside me even though there were dozens of vacant seats nearby. I immediately moved and he still followed me. Feeling annoyed, I decided to just leave. He got up and followed me outside too.
He began asking me questions like "where I live etc." I politely told him its none of his business. Good thing my cab came. Bye bye Mr. Creep!

4. Pedophile sa Condo

My office building used to be in Malate. It's a mix of residential and office units. There's this old foreigner who would bring street kids to his unit "supposedly" to feed them. I would often see him and the kids in the elevator. At first I was like "Awww how nice of him!"
Then a few months later, he was arrested. It turns out he is a pedophile and was in and out of jail in his country.
My heart sank and immediately thought of the street kids he used to bring to his unit! OMG

5.  Playmate's Grandpa

Photo source: Youtube
Parents, look out for this type! As Filipinos, we were taught to respect the elders. Kids are taught at an early age to do the "mano, po at opo" and to talk to elderly people with utmost respect.
I have a friend(Annie) who has a kid and her kid(Molly) used to hang out with her bestie (Rose). Rose is being raised by her grandparents coz the parents are busy at work. Everyday Molly and Rose would go out and play. Rose's grandpa would supervise them. He got close to Molly and he would even drop by her house to give her some goodies. 
Nothing out of the ordinary, right? He looks like an average old Filipino man..religious and family oriented. Anyone who knows him won't suspect him of anything. 
He got super close with Molly who is just 11 at the time. He would walk her home (even though her house was just in the same compound). He downloaded the app "Line Play" and posed as a 15 yr old boy. There he would message Molly all the time and other underage girls. The mom didn't think much of it and just thought he wants to bond with his grandkid by playing in that avatar world with Molly and Rose.
But one time while walking Molly home, he asked her for a kiss on the lips. Like what the heck?? A dirty old man asking an 11 yr old girl for a kiss? He would also hug her whenever he can, write her letters, etc. All this time they thought he was just a nice old man and was treating Molly like his own apo.
Molly told her mom about him asking for a kiss and she totally freaked out! It finally dawned on her that he's probably a pedophile and was "grooming" her child. Annie did more investigation and found out from Molly that he would often take photos of her whenever she was playing with Rose. His phone has lots of photos of Molly and only a few photos of his grandkid Rose. Creepy isn't it?
So parents, please be careful! Do not let your kids get too close to other people (even if you know them). Its hard to trust others nowadays! 

Do you have any "manyakis" stories to share?

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  1. Nagkalat talaga mga manyakis sa tabi tabi. Di ba meron din nung minsang video about a manyakis na jeepney driver?



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