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Lunch and Tsismis at Classic Savory

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Classic Savory is one of my favorite Tsinoy restaurant. It is very affordable and the food is just great.
It has since become my go-to restaurant before I do my grocery shopping.
Special Kikiam
My favorite is their special Kikiam. Que-kiam in Chinese, Kikiam is the Filipino version of it. Classic Savory's Kikiam is to die for! Made with ground pork and vegetables, it is then wrapped up in bean curd sheets and deep-fried to perfection. Price: Php 235

Chopsuey con Lechon
Who doesn't love Chopsuey and Lechon? For only Php 235, you can have this succulent dish. Best paired with Savory fried rice, Php 215.

Savory Fried Rice
This branch is pretty small and you are actually just a few inches away from the people sitting at the other table. I overheard their conversation. The tsismosa in me came out so here you go:

Girl 1: Di ko na talaga sya ma-gits..lagi patay ang cel nya pag kasama ang misis nya.

Girl 2: Syempre kasama nga nya misis nya eh..

Girl 1: Akina ang celpun mo day, tingnan ko lang Pesbuk nya baka nag-aplod ng piktyur nila mag-asawa.

Girl 2: Wag na uy, baka lalo ka lang maloka.

Girl 1: Oks lang ko day, gusto ko lang makita

Girl 2: Cge bahala ka. (*gives her the phone)

Girl 1: Sabi ko na nga ba magkasama sila! Pigilan moko day, baka sugurin ko sila!

Girl 2: Bakit ka susugud? Dili man kaw ang asawa uy!

Girl 1: Ah basta susugurin ko sila.

Girl 2: Ikain mo nalang yan, mamaya ok ka na. 

Girl 1: Cge na nga, basta libre mo to ha?

Sorry for eavesdropping, I just got a kick out of them lol. Reminds me of the movie Etiquette for Mistresses.

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  1. Haha masarap talaga maki-tsismis ��



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