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What to do if your Partner is Cheating Online

Monday, January 4, 2016

Online cheating is when your boyfriend or spouse is having virtual affairs that include sexting, flirtations, or exchanges of racy photos without having a physical affair.

Here's a friend's account on her bf's online cheating:

I'm quite certain that my bf is doing the exact same thing on Facebook. First of all, I didn't know he was active on Facebook until he sent me a screenshot of a website we were talking about. I didn't notice it right away. There on his notifications panel was a facebook icon indicating he has a chat message. And at the right part of the screen is a profile photo of a girl wearing something sexy. Ugh!

What to do

So what do you do when you've noticed all signs of an online affair? Would you confront him and ask him to come clean? What if he denies it? Or what if he admits it? Then what?
Is online cheating a deal breaker in a relationship? For me, trust is very important in a relationship. Even if the guy came clean, the relationship will never be the same.
If your guy denies anything to do with online cheating yet your gut tells you otherwise, you should gather more evidence and confront him once again. It's probably for the better if you find out everything before you end up marrying him. Him looking for someone else online indicates that something is lacking in your relationship.
But if you think you are doing everything you can, then maybe it's not your fault he cheated. Some people are just born cheaters. There's nothing you can do about it. Time to move on..

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