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Why Aldub is a Hit Among Filipinos

Monday, September 28, 2015

Alden and Yaya Dub

This split-screen TV love story has become the latest trend online and offline in the Philippines. What is with this kalyeserye that makes every pinoy so kilig?

At first I was like "Oh that's so baduy!" But that was before I watched an episode on Youtube. I had a hard time maintaining my "Poker face" while watching Alden and Yaya Dub on screen. What is with this couple that makes everyone feel giddy?

I think it's the incorporation of new-age "online romance" and long forgotten Filipino values that many Pinoys have been missing. In this fast-paced world where "ligaw" (courtship) is almost non-existent (couples hooking up only after a series of text messages etc.), Aldub offers Filipino viewers something refreshing.

Television's Responsibility to the Youth

Effects of television to the youth is tremendous. Kids nowadays are more exposed to TV programs that contain not so friendly themes for the youth. Parental advisory may be recommended but that doesn't mean parents are there all the time to supervise.

What are we teaching the youth of today? I see lewd actions or remarks on TV programs everywhere. Dating becomes so easy with the birth of social media and text messaging. Kids as young as 12 go out on dates and who knows what else they do behind their parent's backs. Our youth has lost most of our Filipino values. Teenage pregnancy is on the rise. What can media contribute to the youth?

What you can Learn from Aldub

Aside from each character's charm and hilarious lines, Aldub kalyeserye is also resurrecting Filipino Values that we have long forgotten. 

1. Traditional Filipino Courtship
It teaches us how to respect women and the rules set by her elders. Unlike modern courtship where couples are "nagliligawan sa kalye" or wala nang ligaw ligaw at diretso na sa dating, traditional filipino courtship can make people more "kilig". Just when you thought chivalry is dead, Alden's character in kalyeserye resurrects it. 

2. Elder's guiding their young
This is what youth of today needs--strict elders guiding them. I think we have become more liberated over the years and opinions of our elders do not matter much anymore. The Lola Nidora character reminds us of our Lolas and titas who once used to uphold the rules. 

My favorite quote from Lola Nidora:

"Walang kakahantungan ang mga bagay na minamadali."

-It teaches us why we should never rush things. Good things come to those who wait.

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  1. Aliw na aliw talaga ako sa kalyeserye! Lahat sila pati na ang Jowapao magagaling



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