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Do Not Send Important Documents Via Philpost Coz they Suck

Sunday, September 20, 2015

More like "You Send. We DON'T Deliver."

If you want to receive your letters, parcels, or packages, don't have it sent via Philpost! There are countless stories about people getting their stuff stolen by employees of Philpost or their letters never arriving in its destination.

It is so bad that USPS doesn't accept express mail going to Philippines anymore since Philpost doesn't comply with the express mail delivery schedule. I was expecting a series of post dated checks and it was "unfortunately" sent via regular mail because the sender didn't want to shell out $50 for FedEx. It has been over a month now and it still hasn't arrived. Funny thing is, whenever I get an ordinary letter from US (no check inside), it always arrive within 2 weeks. I have a feeling it was stolen already.

After doing some research, I found out that some people get their checks stolen by Philpost people and even cashed by third party money changers. How is it possible? If the check is not crossed, it can be transferred or ‘endorsed’ by the payee. In this case, the thief can fake the signature of the payee and sell the check to a money changer. The money changer then deposits it to their bank account.

This is a serious hassle for me coz I really need those post dated checks! I hate Philpost so much! Why can't they improve their service? To those of you who has important documents to send, don't send it via Philpost if you want a hassle free experience!

Someone I know ordered some stuff online and when the parcel arrived, the box was empty! Worst thing was, she even had to pay taxes that are almost double the parcel's value at customs!

So yeah, Philpost is badddd news. Real bad. Don't use it. Period.


  1. Grabeh talaga ang Philpost na yan!

  2. A philpost employee "misplaced" my SSS check which i doubt.. Its been 4 months now and i will forward my concern to the authority since Failpost cant or wont do anything about this. I have proof.

    1. They probably cashed it already. Good luck on filing a complaint.

  3. Confirmed! The messenger who got my check txted me saying that he will pay the whole amount on the check. Unfortunately he did not show up on the intended meeting today on my attorney's office. So will file a complaint with failpost and also will forward my concern with SSS since i know that failpost will not do anything about this.

    1. Did you get the messenger's full name? If I were you, I would threaten to sue him. Or maybe go to the media to publicly shame him. This lowlife should be exposed.

  4. Yap, but the problem is this said employee is not a regular employee, turns out he is only contractual. Recently resigned after learning that we are pursuing him. He has a high ranking lola on the said institution, will forward this concern on their director as soon as he arrives on monday. Will keep everyone posted on this situation.

  5. Tama yong LOGO nila..Logo na tinatakbo ung document mo..hahaha



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