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Digital Footprints Left by Our Loved Ones Who Passed

Thursday, September 24, 2015

source: www.indiatimes.com
It's been a year and 5 months since my mom passed away but I can still feel her presence (not in a paranormal way) but in a digital way. We used to email each other or talk via yahoo messenger. Sometimes I still email her and tell her about my day. I still read her old emails and also our conversations in Yahoo messenger. Somehow, emailing her helps me emotionally.

Examples of Digital Footprints She Left Behind After Death

1. Facebook

There's a debate whether to keep your dead loved one's account and continue managing them in order to keep their memories alive or just delete them upon death. In my mom's case, my stepdad deleted my mom's Facebook right away. I felt bad because I needed time to heal.  I wanted to keep her Facebook and see her activity history like posts that she liked, photos she shared, her comments--her whole activity while she's alive. 

2. Email Account

I still email her from time to time. There were some things I left unsaid and this is the only way I can tell her...

3. Yahoo Messenger

This one makes me sad. Sometimes I would randomly click on her name and this pops up.
"Mama appears to be offline and will receive your messages after signing in."

How I wish she will sign in again and message me.

5. E-cards

E-cards she sent me and I sent her.We used to exchange e-cards. In fact, I still send her sometimes. But since she wasn't able to view it, I get an email from the e-card company "E-card not viewed by Mama". I get a dose of reality whenever I get that email and yeah it makes me pretty sad.

In this day and age, digital footprints left behind by our loved ones would either comfort us or make it harder to move on. But the question remains whether we should keep it or delete it. I don't think I will delete her digital footprints. It reminds me of what we were as a mom and child. Reminds me of the good and bad, regrets, raw emotions we shared, and so much more.

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