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Pet Friendly Hotel in Tagaytay

Monday, August 31, 2015

This is a late post.
It's been two years since I made this trip and I only had the time to post this now (been too busy!). This was a really fun trip I took with my late persian cat  and my Poodle.
Vacationing with your pets is almost impossible with the limited number of pet friendly hotels in the Philippines. Good thing I found T House Tagaytay! We booked the Tranquility Garden room for 4 nights @ Php 4,700/night. They accept small pets for a fee of Php 750/night. Please call them first before booking and ask if your pet's breed/size is allowed. Do not forget to bring your pet's vaccination records with you upon checking in.

Photo source: www.thousetagaytay.com
While they allow you to bring your pet, you are required to put them in a crate when they are alone unattended inside the room and leashed when outside the room. As a responsible pet parent, you are also expected to clean up after your pet.

Mawmaw looking comfy
Mawmaw as I fondly call her, had a great time at T House! She immediately made herself comfortable and chose her spot.

Mawmaw at the courtyard

After checking in, we soon went out and explored the hotel's facilities. We learned that pets are only allowed in the courtyard, rock garden in pavilion, parking and parking hallway. 

Mimi looking happy

Pets are not allowed in the common areas like the lobby, sitting room, dining room, spa and pool area which is totally fine for me. 

We got a free breakfast and it's pretty good! Here's their menu:

Source: www.thousetagaytay.com

Source: www.thousetagaytay.com
T House Tagaytay is indeed a gem for pet lovers!

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