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Faux Moonbow in Makati, Philippines

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Okay according to wikipedia, Faux moonbow is; A colored circle around the moon is not a moonbow—it is usually a 22° halo produced by refraction through hexagonal ice crystals in cirrus cloud. Colored rings close to the moon are a corona, a diffraction phenomenon produced by very small water droplets or ice crystals in clouds.
 Last night was unforgettable as I saw this rare phenomenon with my naked eye! Too bad I only have my Nokia phone last night to take a quick shot (it still produced a decent pic, though it would have been better if a DSLR was used). I looked up photos of rainbows or moonbows in Google but none of them can compare to the amazing sight I saw last night.
Did anyone else captured this Faux moonbow last night? Send us your pictures and I will feature it here! :D


  1. oh my, I wish I saw it...where was I last night? to think that I usually gaze at the sky before going to sleep, my my I lost that rare chance, haha, oh I remember I was watching a movie in bed with the hubby....too bad you didn't have your cam with you but yes your reliable phone did an awesome job...blessed weekend sis :-)

    1. Too bad you didn't get a chance to see it! It was really amazing. I read that it can happen before a nasty storm. Maybe you will get a chance to see it someday too. Just keep on looking :)

  2. Amazing, wish to see it as well. Maybe next time.

    Dusana :-)

    1. Keep on looking! I'm sure you'll witness it too. When you do, don't forget to take pics :)



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