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Experiencing the beauty of Tablas Island Romblon

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tablas Island of Romblon is pretty charming. I will definitely go there over and over again. The first place we have stayed at in Tablas is the Tugdan resort. It has not much to offer but it is very close to the airport. The room looks more like a native hut from the outside but once you get in, you'll notice that it's actually made out of concrete and it is air conditioned too. We have paid Php800 for our one night stay there. The beach is not your typical beach--it is a pebbled beach. Tugdan Beach park is ideal for people who wants to be closer to the airport.

My favorite resort in Tablas is Aglicay Beach Resort. We have stayed there several times and felt bad leaving the place. This resort is located in a hidden area in Tablas and it is quite peaceful and the beach is really nice. We were fortunate to meet the friendly owners Mr. and Mrs. Martinez and they even invited us to join them for a boat ride. Their accommodations are way better than Tugdan beach park has to offer but it's a bit pricey for people on a strict budget. However, Aglicay beach resort is the best place to stay if you want to have a peaceful beach getaway.

Early morning at Aglicay

Romblon Island is famous for their marble. From Tablas Island, you can take a boat to there. You can visit a  Marble quarry if you are interested to find out how Romblon Marble is processed. Romblon Province has a lot to offer to tourists and it is increasing in popularity now. When you board a plane to this island, you'll see foreign tourist eagerly waiting to get to Romblon just like you.
I actually prefer this over Boracay since it is less crowded and you can find more peace and quiet here. The only downside is, there is a shortage of food choices unlike in Boracay where its a foodie heaven for food lovers out there.


  1. Those are some of the clearest waters I've ever seen. There's nothing better than spending a vacation at such a beautiful coastline.

  2. The place looks absolutely pristine. Looks like Boracay could be having some stiff competition soon enough.

  3. We stayed by Ferrol Beach so we could watch the sunsets in the evening.
    The water was extremely clear, many beautiful tropical fish, several resorts on or near the water, excellent food & hospitality and the prices are very reasonable.
    Since we liked it so much we bought a place overlooking Ferrol Beach and another Bay south of Ferrol Beach. We are excited about living on Tablas Island... Where we get the real feeling of the Philippines beauty and hospitality :D

    1. Awww sounds like you really love it there :) Tablas Island is really awesome.



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